About Us

General Business Activities

Williams Foods (Pty) Ltd, a subsidiary of the renowned master blender and spice merchant Williams Spice cc, first established a name in South Africa in 2001.

Williams Foods and Williams Spice were both founded by Tyrone Williams – a taste visionary and flavour design genius. Mr Williams has been creating his best-selling sauce flavours in the South African food market for the last 14 years. He continues to lead this market unhindered.

Mr Williams grew tired of seeing the same mundane tray of sauces presented at every restaurant table. He soon realised that there was a gap in the South African sauce market. That's when he decided to solve this problem by using his own experience in flavour design and develop something more exciting than the regular sauce offerings.

This led Mr Williams to experiment with sauces and spices to create his own unique variations. His family and friends finally brought his attention to the fact he was developing taste sensations that should not be kept a secret. And this marked the humble beginnings of his most popular Chilaca all-in-one sauce.


Company Strategy


To be a leader in the food industry by providing the tastiest sauces suited to every food outlet – from fast food franchises to five star hotels and restaurants.

To provide top notch sauces using only the freshest and finest ingredients blended in a way that cannot be decoded and imitated by competitors.

To grow our roots into Africa and further abroad, making Williams Foods an international household name.
To develop a strong and loyal customer base through honest dealings and hard work.
To continue to build a solid reputation and remain a leader in the food industry.

Mission Statement
To continue to delight the food industry in South Africa and abroad with unrivalled design talents.
To continue to build on an already vast knowledge of the development of unique flavour profiles and taste experiences.

Core values
To treat our customers with respect and honesty at all times. To grow and succeed through creativity, design and flavour innovation.

Scope of work
The company produces a range of delicious sauces.

Chilaca: The all-in-one-sauce


Chilaca is a mild to medium, rich flavoured pepper that when matured and dried is known as pasilla (pah-see-yah) – meaning little raisin. It is a variety of the capsicum annuum.


The Chilaca range of sauces has a unique flavour profile that can be best described as a masterful blend of sweet, tangy, smokey, hot and spicy tomato sauce.

This superior combination of rich flavours pushes the Chilaca brand far ahead of any other sauces available in South Africa today.




The Chilaca spicy tomato sauces are available in five mouth-watering, flavour-filled variants:

1. Chilaca Mild
2. Chilaca Medium
3. Chilaca Hot
4. Chilaca Very Hot
5. Chilaca Smoked


Only fresh spices and fresh ingredients are used in the design of our sauces.


Try our sauces on your breakfast...

Nothing can beat  Breakfast with our tasty Chilaca Sauce

Williams Foods boasts an extensive understanding of all food technologies available and closely follows international market trends. This has placed Williams in the forefront of his industry with exclusive product offerings that he produces with great confidence and efficiency.


Willams Foods procures only the finest quality ingredients and raw materials locally and abroad, thereby making its product range availability stable and consistent. This also ensures superb quality standards.

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